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Dickies® Medical works hard to bring you durable scrubs with high value. Medical Scrubs and More is proud to carry a wide selection of Dickies® Medical Uniforms. Shop below to see our selection, or give us a call to find what you're looking for!

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Dickies® Work Wear

For several decades now, Dickies® has been offering a wide variety of work apparel with a steadfast commitment to quality, pride, and toughness. Whether you're a healthcare professional in need of medical scrubs or any other type of worker seeking high-quality, comfortable uniform apparel, there are no limits to the options you'll have to choose from. What began as a small bib overall company more than 80 years ago has morphed into one of the largest and most successful workwear manufacturers in the world.

Here at Medical Scrubs and More we're proud to carry a wide variety of Dickies® Work Wear products. Please give us a call for assistance.

Dickies Scrub Top

Removing A Stain From Dickies Scrubs

One of the most stressful situations is when you get a tough stain on your Dickies scrubs but don't worry, we're here to help. Your first step to handling a stubborn stain is to test it before treating it. Always remember the sooner you treat a stain, the better chance you'll have of removing it. There are many different methods for stain removal. You can add hydrogen peroxide, let it stand for several minutes, then wash as you normally would. You can also try a few drops of dishwasher liquid, drench it with water, then wash as usual. Rubbing alcohol or household ammonia will work best on non-permanent ink stains.

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The Best Fitting Scrub Set From Dickies

Finding the best fit for your Dickies medical apparel might seem difficult at first. We've got some helpful tips to keep in mind. After all, no one body type is exactly the same so it's critical to find a fit that compliments your figure and makes you feel comfortable and confident. For example, you can create a leaner and longer look by wearing the same color top and pants with your medical scrubs. If you have problem areas that make you feel self-conscious, consider adding details like a mock wrap top, strategically placed pockets, decorative stitching, and more.

Dickies Fashion Scrubs

Make A Fashion Statement in Dickies Scrubs

When people think of medical scrubs, they often think of plain and boring. Fortunately, Dickies offers so many personalized options, you'll never feel blah in your workwear. Women can choose to go with a V-neck top paired with princess seam detailing on the front and back. If you aren't restricted to one specific color, you'll have a whole rainbow of colors to choose from. This benefits both you and those around you as colors are proven to be therapeutic. In addition to being a fashionable choice, Dickies medical apparel products are also highly efficient. Smarter scrub designs come with the pockets you need to hold the essentials while you work. What more could you ask for?